Teamster Sisters, Brothers, Siblings -

Having poured my heart into the labor movement for more than three decades, I am profoundly energized and I can't think of a more exciting time.

A bold labor resurgence lights up the horizon. Workers are coming together as we haven't seen in years to build power and demand equity across the country. We've witnessed tremendous organizing victories among brave workers at multi-national corporations based in our backyard like Amazon, REI, and Starbucks. Support for labor unions is at its highest point since 1965, with younger workers leading the charge.

Looking back, we achieved great wins last year as a Union by standing up and demanding respect and recognition for our labor. As we bid farewell to 2022 and move into the New Year, we have much to celebrate and anticipate as members of Teamsters 117.


In 2022, members overwhelmingly ratified groundbreaking contracts at King County, and celebrated significant wage increases won through the interest arbitration process at the Department of Corrections.

This is great news for Teamsters in two of our largest bargaining units.

But we didn't stop there. Many of our smaller groups won much stronger contracts as well. Members prevailed against an unscrupulous employer at Industrial Container Services that tried to intimidate its mostly immigrant workforce, and Teamster warehouse workers courageously fought to win a strong contract at Canteen Vending.

These are just a few examples of the over 50 contracts our members ratified over the last year.


An influx of new dynamic staff in our Organizing Department helped bring new workers into our Union in 2022.

In November, we welcomed over 50 Teamster production workers and drivers employed in the recycling industry at Ridwell. In December, we celebrated the union of a group of parking attendants and valets at the Climate Pledge Arena that joined Teamsters 117.


Perhaps more than ever in our Union's history, over the last year we've been a force for positive, transformative change in our communities.

In 2022, members came together at Union events like our Car Show, Soccer Tournament, and Casino Night. We marched together to stamp out cancer, donated school supplies to families in need, and gathered blankets to bring to our less fortunate neighbors living in shelters and on the streets. 


As we look ahead into 2023, the future is bright and our hearts are filled with hope.

As a member of Teamsters 117, you are vital to the future success of this movement and our Union. I encourage you to get involved. Come to our membership meetings, join us in our community and political work, volunteer at our charitable events, sign up to become a shop steward, attend meetings around your contract.

I invite you to get on your front foot and raise your voice for positive change. This is how we will continue to fulfill our promise at Teamsters 117 to build power and unity for all workers to improve lives and to lift up our communities. This is how we make our Union strong.

In solidarity,


John Scearcy

P.S. Be sure to track and celebrate all of our Union's wins at Teamsters 117 on our website here.