Teamsters at the Coyote Ridge Corrections Center in Connell do amazing work keeping us safe. Unfortunately, this work often goes unnoticed. This month we look at a few great staff members who do tremendous things at work and in their communities. View more facilities here.


CRCC Member Hopes to Break Olympia Gridlock

Ricardo Espinoza is a financial analyst in the business office at CRCC. He is also running for office as a Republican against incumbent Terry Nealey in the 16th Legislative District. He hopes that his knowledge of education and veterans issues will resonate with voters looking to put a new face in Olympia. READ MORE


Volunteer firefighter plays dual public safety role

For 27 years, Officer Brett Clinton has been giving back to his community. Not only does he serve and protect the citizens of our state through his work at the Coyote Ridge Corrections Center, he has been as a volunteer firefighter since high school. READ MORE


CRCC Members Honor Co-worker With 25-year Pin

Officer Jerry Wonders is a bit of a legend at DOC. He’s served the citizens of our state for 25 years, 19 at the prison complex in Monroe and another 6 at Coyote Ridge. READ MORE


CRCC Member's Refurbished Vehicles Making a Splash

He's been building cars all his life. He started out refurbishing 4-wheel drives and has moved on to just about every type of vehicle since - Toyotas, Fords, Cameros, Caddys. He's rebuilt a '66 Chevelle, a '50 Bel Aire, and a '47 Diamond T. Whatever the current trend in cars, Gregg Richardson is there. READ MORE