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Fare Times: News from the Teamster Taxi Industry

taxi-article-photo.jpgWondering what’s happening with our members in the taxi industry?  Check out the new Fare Times newsletter.  

In this issue you can read about:

  • a generous donation by taxi drivers to the Northwest Harvest food bank;
  • a new Taxi Ticket Program to help drivers who receive moving violations;
  • a recent taxi political forum;
  • taxi drivers' work to pass legislation in Olympia.

Check out the Fare Times here.

Advocating for Corrections in the Supplemental Budget

On December 17, Governor Inslee released his supplemental budget proposal, which includes $5.1 million for the opening of the 256-bed medium security unit at WSP to meet the demands of a rising male offender caseload and to reduce overcrowding. 

In the supplemental capital budget, Inslee proposes $1.8 million to complete redesign studies on capacity issues for male and female prison populations.  

Both levels of appropriation are necessary in order to ensure the safety, security, and well being of our state's correctional employees.

Secretary-Treasurer's Message: Attack on Pensions

Tracey-A.-Thompson.jpgBrothers and Sisters:

The Boeing Machinists are not the only ones seeing their defined benefit pension plans under attack. For the last several years, corporate-backed politicians and the media have been trying to gut the pensions of public employees in the name of "reform."

Typically these proposals favor moving workers from a defined benefit retirement plan to a 401k.

DOC Contract Surveys & Demands Meetings

We are in the process of preparing for collective bargaining over your successor labor agreement and for the first time we will have interest arbitration available to resolve any issues in negotiations that we cannot reach agreement on with the State/DOC.  Our negotiations with the State begin in April and we have scheduled the arbitration for the last two weeks of August, 2014.  We anticipate that we will need to present evidence to the arbitrator regarding the extent to which State compensation is deficient to comparable jurisdictions. 

As we prepare for the hearing, we will be compiling data from other jurisdictions and developing evidence regarding the impact that the deficient pay scale has on recruitment, retention and promotion. 

Your participation in the bargaining process is critical to achieving a strong contract that is acceptable to you.

Teamsters Assist in Repack Project at Emergency Food Network

Repack_blog.jpgTeamsters 117 started the New Year off by giving back to the community. 

On January 4, a team of Shop Stewards met up with John Scearcy, Local 117 President and Executive Assistant, to spend that cold winter morning volunteering at the Emergency Food Network’s repack project.

Their work involved repacking frozen cut corn, which had been donated in bulk, into two-pound, family-sized bags.  Together, Jason Stepner, John Langenbach, Mike Reavey, Jason King and John Scearcy helped repack 6,400 pounds of frozen cut corn in a 3-hour shift.  

South Sound Newsletter - New Issue!

Rich-Hill---Teamsters.jpgThe new issue of the Teamsters South Sound newsletter is now available!  This issue contains articles on a contract win at the City of Auburn, the dangers of so-called "Right-to-Work" laws, and tips about how to get more involved in your Union.

Check out the Teamsters South Sound newsletter here.

Jerry Beckendorf Scholarship: Now Accepting Applications!

The start of the New Year is a time when your soon-to-graduate (you hope!) high school senior can start combing the Internet for scholarship money for college.  

Your Union is a good place to start for that.  Teamsters Local 117 offers links to a number of scholarships for graduating seniors, including the Local 117 Jeff Alfieri Scholarship, the Hoffa Scholarship, the Union Plus Scholarship, among others.

Seattle Mayor Raises Minimum Wage for City Employees

Taking a small first step toward delivering on a much publicized campaign promise, newly-elected Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced at a press conference on Friday that he would sign an executive order to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for all city employees.

The wage hike would affect approximately 600 City workers, including a handful of Teamsters who are employed as ushers and admissions attendants at the Seattle Center.

Teamsters Stand in Solidarity with the Machinists


Today, 31,000 Machinists will be voting on Boeing’s latest contract proposal.  The vote will take place throughout the day, at multiple locations, and the results won’t be known until later tonight.  Read more about today's vote here.

For Machinists, and the rest of the labor community, there is much at stake.  Boeing has indicated that they will relocate production of the 777X to another state if the Machinists do not approve the offer.  That offer, which includes a number of well-documented concessions, would strip away the workers’ defined benefit pension plan and replace it with a 401k plan.  

King County Coalition of Unions - Total Comp. Info. Session

The following is an update from the King County Coalition of Unions on the total compensation information session with the County: 

This meeting was an opportunity for the County to make their case for the 2% “wage increase” proposal.  Dwight Dively, the Budget Director from the King County Executive’s office met with the King County Coalition of Unions on December 12th to review the County’s budget forecast. 

Taxi drivers pool resources, make big donation to Northwest Harvest


Puget Sound taxicab operators made a special trip this Friday.  The drivers traveled to Northwest Harvest, where they delivered a $3300 gift to the food bank in a show of solidarity and support of families in need this holiday season.

Holiday Meeting Recap!


Thanks to all that turned out last night to make our annual holiday membership meeting a smashing success.  

Check out photos from the meeting here.

Some observations on this year's event after the flip: 

DOC Facility News - December 2013

For a sample of the representational work on behalf of Teamsters at the DOC for the month of December, check out the DOC facility news section of the website.

There has been a lot going at at the DOC in December.  We held our annual holiday membership meetings at all of the facilties across the State, and we held trainings for all DOC Shop Stewards.  You can view a more detailed look at our work by facility

Keep in mind that the work described in the facility news section is not comprehensive.  The section will be updated on a bi-monthly basis and can be accessed in the member center under Department of Corrections and Law Enforcement.

Any feedback or suggestions you have would be appreciated.  Thank you!

WSP Unit Opening Included in Governor's Budget Proposal

Today Governor Inslee released his supplemental budget proposal for 2014.  In his proposal, the Governor appropriated $5.1 million in funding for “new prison capacity”, which will fund the opening of the remaining 256-bed unit at WSP to meet the demands of rising offender case loads and to reduce crowding at existing facilities.  

Correctional Officers in PA Vote Teamsters

MontCoCorrections.jpgYou work in Corrections, serving your community and keeping us safe, yet your shift is so understaffed that there's no time to go to the bathroom.  Your wages have been shrinking for years as have your benefits.  What do you do?  

You join the Teamsters, that's what!