We wanted to keep you up-to-date on the latest news regarding our Teamster brothers and sisters working in the food service industry.  

On Tuesday, the IBT issued a news release that describes a Teamster protest of Sysco outside the Michigan Restaurant Association's Capitol Day in Lansing, MI.  Sysco is accused of committing multiple violations of federal labor law in a union election in Grand Rapids.  

You can view the IBT's statement here:

Foodservice Company Faces Dozens of Labor Law Violation Charges

Teamsters protested Sysco Corporation [NYSE: SYY] outside the Michigan Restaurant Association’s Capitol Day in Lansing, Mich., today. Sysco is the largest foodservice distributor in the nation.

Sysco faces a federal investigation of 30 alleged violations of labor law and 35 objections to a May 7 Grand Rapids, Mich., union election in which a lead union supporter was fired and workers were threatened with the loss of benefits or their jobs if they voted for union representation.

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