We have scheduled two major informational picketing actions - one on the westside at MCC and one on the eastside at WSP on Thursday, June 11 from 12-4pm. All union members and their families are encouraged to attend. 

If you plan on picketing with your union brothers and sisters, please RSVP by clicking on one of the links below:

This action is necessary to send a strong message to the state legislature. Lawmakers have spent too long arguing over the budget. The Senate in particular is holding up the process by making funding our DOC contract contingent on a law that would weaken our collective bargaining rights. 

By delaying the process, the Senate is risking a government shutdown that will lead to the temporary layoffs of hundreds of members at the DOC. 

We demand that the legislature pass a budget now that includes funding for our contracts with no strings attached. 

Please make an effort to attend the picketing action on June 11. And spread the word among your co-workers.  

If you work at another facility and/or are unable to attend, you are encouraged to organize group photos of members to share on social media.  Talk to your Business Rep about coordinating an action at your facility.