Teamsters-Local-117---Olympian-Ad_photo.jpgThe small business support of correctional employees has been overwhelming.  Over the course of just a few months, more than 140 small businesses have signed a letter saying that they stand with Teamsters at the Department of Corrections who are trying to get their contract funded.

This support has come because our DOC members have been out in the community talking to business owners about the important work they do to keep all of us safe.

Tomorrow, in the Olympian, we will be running a ad that lists all of the businesses and calls on the State Senate to do the right thing and include funding for the corrections' contract in their budget. 

So far, the House has pledged to support correctional employees, while the Senate has not.

The ad will coincide with a small business press conference at Capitol Florist (515 Capitol Way) to highlight how small businesses across our state are supporting state employees.

You can stand with our members at DOC by calling the Legislative Hotline in Olympia at 1-800-562-6000 and urging your State Senator to fund the corrections contract. 

Your voice makes a difference.  Call now!