Solidarity Action Empowers Corrections Staff at Clallam Bay

A successful solidarity-building action takes a good organizer and some creativity. It should be a little subversive (without violating the contract!) and immediate in its response to management. Most importantly, it should inspire members to participate.

Clallam Bay ULP Alleges Interference With Employee Rights

"It was a petty thing to do," said Amber Bates, as she described management's behavior at our Holiday Membership Meeting at the Clallam Bay Corrections Center (CBCC) last December.


Brutal Clallam Bay Assault Highlights Need to Extend Benefits

A brutal assault at the Clallam Bay Corrections Center last week should be a wake-up call to the DOC and the State Legislature.

With Brutal Assault, Questions About Prison Safety Remain

An extended news segment covering the recent assault of Officer Terry Breedlove at the Clallam Bay Corrections Center aired on Friday on public radio across the Puget Sound region.


Members Testify at Assault Benefits Hearing

Two members - Joschue Reyes and David Lynch - provided powerful testimony in support of our Assault Benefits bill (HB 2507) at a legislative hearing in Olympia on Tuesday. Michelle Woodrow, our Local 117 President and Director of Corrections & Law Enforcement, also urged legislators to support the bill.


Nowhere is it more important to have each others' back than inside our prison walls. Teamsters working for the Department of Corrections know their work requires them to be ready for anything. This extends outside the prison walls. When a corrections officer didn't show up to work one day, his co-workers knew something was wrong. At his home, they discovered that he required immediate medical attention. Their instincts and good will likely saved his life. When news of this spread to the Teamsters Local 117 Executive Board, they made a contribution to pay some of the medical bills. As union members, we have each others' backs.