A brutal assault at the Clallam Bay Corrections Center last week should be a wake-up call to the DOC and the State Legislature. 

Officer Terry Breedlove was viciously attacked and beaten by an inmate at CBCC on January 25. This terrible incident highlights the extreme dangers correctional employees like Officer Breedlove face at work as they serve and protect our communities. 

You can read about the incident in the Peninsula Daily News here.

We are looking into reports that safety issues in Officer Breedlove’s unit were not properly addressed. Clearly, the video equipment that could have recorded the incident was defective and should have been repaired. 

Corrections employees need safe and secure working conditions. The legislature and the Department need to do everything in their power to ensure that the conditions in our state’s prison are as safe as they possibly can be for corrections’ staff. 

We are also urging the legislature to extend assault benefits for correctional employees. Correctional employees who are assaulted at work should not have their benefits cut off because they are physically unable to return to duty.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Tell the Senators on the Law and Justice committee to schedule our Assault Benefits bill (SB 6286) for a vote. Tell them why extending assault benefits is important to you.  Friday is cut off, so act now!

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