Two members - Joschue Reyes and David Lynch - provided powerful testimony in support of our Assault Benefits bill (HB 2507) at a legislative hearing in Olympia on Tuesday. Michelle Woodrow, our Local 117 President and Director of Corrections & Law Enforcement, also urged legislators to support the bill.

In her testimony, Woodrow praised the work that DOC members do in keeping the community safe: 

"Corrections staff work tirelessly inside our prisons to keep our communities safe. Officers, cooks, medical staff, administrative staff, and maintenance workers interact with offenders daily. Unfortunately, with these daily interactions physical assaults are common place."

Lynch recounted a brutal assault he experienced in 2012:

"Because of that Assault, my life has changed dramatically. I've been unable to work, and have been in constant, unrelenting pain. The Assault benefits have long since expired and I'm still waiting for additional surgeries to correct the injuries."

Reyes talked about a recent assault at CBCC and the urgent need to pass the bill:

"Staff should not have to worry about how to pay their bills or healthcare after the one year time frame if they have not been deemed fit to return to work. We ask for your support so that reimbursement may continue until termination of time loss benefits by the department of labor and industries."

You can listen to the audio of all three testifying (between 6:30-21:15) here.

Call the Legislative Hotline at 1.800.562.6000 now and tell your legislators to pass HB 2507 and its companion bill in the Senate – SB 6286. Tell them to extend assault benefits for correctional employees.