At the end of September, we will be posting for new Shop Stewards on union bulletin boards at all Department of Corrections facilities across the state.

Our Shop Stewards play an essential role in ensuring that our union is strong and effective.

The position involves engaging your co-workers in the union, advocating for them in the workplace, enforcing the contract, maintaining direct communication with the Union Representative, and participating in grievance meetings, among many other duties.

The next two-year term for newly-elected Shop Stewards begins on January 1, 2020 and ends on December 31, 2021.

If you are interested in the position, please watch your union bulletin board for the posting and sign up. If multiple people are interested in a single position at your facility, an advisory vote will be conducted with the membership. If you have questions, please talk to your Union Representative.

The dates that postings will go up and elections will be held, if necessary, are as follows:

AHCC Sept. 30 Oct. 17
CBCC Sept. 30 Oct. 18
CCCC Sept. 30 Oct. 22
CI HQ Sept. 30 Oct. 30
CRCC Sept. 30 Oct. 15
DOC HQ Sept. 30 Oct. 28
LCC Sept. 30 Oct. 25
Maple Lane Pharmacy Sept. 30 Oct. 22
MCC Sept. 30 Oct. 22
MCCCW Sept. 30 Oct. 25
MICC Sept. 30 Oct. 29
OCC Sept. 30 Oct. 17
SCCC Oct. 1 Oct. 21
SWRBO Sept. 30 Oct. 24
WCC Sept. 30 Oct. 21
WCCW Sept. 30 Oct. 21
WSP Sept. 30 Oct. 17