Fresh from the Proposition 1 victory in the City of SeaTac that will dramatically improve wages and working conditions for over 6,000 low-wage workers at SeaTac Airport, Teamsters 117, together with a number of other unions, is taking the fight to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour to Seattle.

"If you get a good job with a livable wage, you can go to school, you can support your family, you can pay your bills, and you can take your kids to the doctor. This will change the entire community,” said Abdirahman Abdullahi, a Local 117 member at Hertz.

I Support Raising the Minimum Wage to $15/hr in Seattle!

The fight for a fair minimum wage in our region began in the city of SeaTac with the passage of SeaTac Proposition 1, which the voters approved in November.  Now, working families are demanding that all workers in Seattle be afforded the opportunity to earn a livable wage.