Animal Supply Teamsters are standing strong in their fight for a fair contract. 

Teamster drivers and warehousers took their fight for a fair contract to Animal Supply's front door today.

The group of 63 Local 117 members, together with Teamster members from other workplaces and staff, raised practice pickets and powerful voices with chants like, "Animal Supply, you can't hide, we can see your greedy side!

View photos from today's action here. You can also see a video of the picket on Facebook here.

For months now, the group has been immersed in a tough contract fight. Workers are calling on their employer to stop doling out poverty wages, stop refusing to fix workplace safety hazards, and stop forcing workers into relentless and exhausting amounts of mandatory overtime.

Teamsters want to see fair pay, affordable medical coverage so they can take their kids to the doctor without breaking the bank, and retirement security. "We need to have fair pay for all of us and our families," affirmed Leuma Wells, a new Teamster at the company, who attended the action.


The group has already voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike and engaged in a number of leafleting actions to inform the public about how Animal Supply continues to mistreat workers. With an expired contract, our Union could call a work stoppage at any time.

"Our members at Animal Supply are ready to strike to defend their livelihoods," said John Scearcy, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 117. "It's long overdue that the company recognize their labor and treat them with the respect they deserve."