Budget writers in the State Senate do not value the work you do to protect our communities.  That became clear yesterday when the Senate released its operating budget.  In its budget, the Senate rejected our DOC contract, along with the contracts of all other state employees.

But even though the Senate rejected your contract, the process is far from over.  The Senate, House, and Governor have released their respective budgets, and they will be going through the process of negotiations before creating a final budget in the coming weeks.  That's why your calls now are so important. 

Remember that our contract, if fully funded, would provide all state correctional employees with a 9.8% raise over two years.  It would constitute the first raise you have seen in 7 years.

But Senate leadership does not think you deserve a raise.  Instead, those Senators want to:

  • eliminate your 9.8% raise and replace it with $1000 per year over the next two years;
  • eliminate spousal health care coverage for members' spouses who have coverage available elsewhere.

Make no mistake - by not funding your contract or the contract of any other group of state employees, the Senate is aggressively attacking your right as public employees to collectively bargain.

We need to send Senate leadership a strong message.  Call the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000 and tell your Senator that the work you do matters and protects all of us.  Tell them to fund your contract now.  If you know that your Senator has been supportive, please thank them for their support!

For the Senators who have not supported us, we need to call and email them now.  In particular, we want to be targeting the following Senators on the Senate Ways and Means Committee:

Once you make your calls, talk to your co-workers and make sure they are calling as well. We need to let the Senate know where we stand and make our voices heard!