Teamsters 117:

By now you will have received your Primary Election ballot. I want to emphasize the importance of voting in this election, and to ask you to consider supporting strong candidates in your district who have earned our endorsement.

Every year, important decisions are made in Olympia that affect Teamsters and our families' livelihoods, our wages and health care, the safety nets if we get laid off or injured at work, and perhaps even our jobs themselves.  That’s why Teamsters Local 117 works to hold state lawmakers accountable. 

But in recent years, a Washington, D.C.-style political gridlock has taken hold in the State legislature.  Extremist legislators advocating for corporate special interests and the selfish few at the top are blocking all efforts to make sure Washington State’s economy works for everyone.  As a result, wages are falling behind the rising cost of living, our schools are underfunded, and our roads, bridges and infrastructure are falling apart.

Starting with this primary election, we have a chance to change things for the better.  We can support candidates who support our priorities.  We have compiled a list of all these recommendations here.

All candidates who want an endorsement from the Teamsters must fill out a questionnaire asking detailed questions about our legislative priorities.  A candidate must turn in their questionnaire, go through an interview process where we ask them questions about their support for our issues, and follow up questions to what they include on their questionnaire.  The candidate interview committee then makes a recommendation to the Washington Teamsters Legislative League, comprised of the elected leadership of the Teamster locals in Washington State, which makes the final endorsement.

There are 49 legislative districts (LDs) here in Washington, and they are based on your voting address.  You have one Senator and two members of the House of Representatives from your district.  If you are unsure who your Senator and Representatives are or which district you live in, click here and enter your address.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me directly by replying to this email.  Most importantly, make sure your vote counts.  Return your ballot by Tuesday, Aug. 5.  

Thank you for your consideration.

Dustin Lambro, Political Coordinator
Teamsters Local 117