What's at Stake in this year's Elections

IMG950187.jpgTeamster members have a lot at stake in next year's legislative session, where state legislators will be writing a new budget for the next two years.  Not only will this impact our members in the Department of Corrections, where the state approves funding for our Union contract, but every year we have to fight back against legislation attacking our pensions, our collective bargaining rights, and workers' compensation benefits.

Ballots for the General Election will be mailed by Friday, October 17th and you will have until November 4th to postmark your ballot and return to your County Auditor.

How you can Help

Every year we run an ambitious Get Out the Vote operation as voter contact matters. We know that if we want to have an impact in Olympia on the priorities we care about, we must have boots on the ground to help elect the candidates who support our priorities.  Check out our 2014 General Election Voter Contact Activities page to find events near you or to find out more information about how you can help be involved. 


Election 2014 Endorsements

Here is a running list of candidates who have been endorsed by the Washington Teamsters Legislative League or by Teamsters Local 117.  If you are interested in learning more about our endorsement process or how we choose candidates to endorse, click here.




Suzan DelBene

CD 1

Bob Dingethal

CD 3

Joe Pakootas

CD 5

Derek Kilmer

CD 6

Jim McDermott

CD 7

Adam Smith

CD 9

Denny Heck

CD 10

If you are not sure which congressional district you live in, you can look it up here





Luis Moscoso

LD 1 House Pos. 1

Derek Stanford

LD 1 House Pos. 2

Greg Hartman

LD 2 House Pos. 1

Timm Ormsby

LD 3 House Pos. 2

Marcus Ricelli

LD 3 House Pos. 1

Rich Cowan

LD 6 Senate

Doug McKinley

LD 8 Senate

Larrv Haler

LD 8 House Pos. 2

Zack Hudqins

LD 11 House Pos. 1

Judv Warnick

LD 13 Senate

Tom Dent

LD 13 House Pos. 1

Matt Manweller

LD 13 House Pos. 2

Maureen Walsh

LD 16 House Pos. 1

Monica Stonier

LD 17 House Pos. 1

Marko Liias

LD 21 Senate

Strom Peterson

LD 21 House Pos. 1

Lillian Ortiz-Self

LD 21 House Pos. 2

Chris Reykdal

LD 22 House Pos. 1

Sam Hunt

LD 22 House Pos. 2

Sherry Appleton

LD 23 House Pos. 1

Drew Hanson

LD 23 House Pos. 2

Kevin Van De Weqe

LD 24 House Pos. 1

Steve Tharinqer

LD 24 House Pos. 2

Dawn Morrell

LD 25 House Pos. 1

Judy Arbogast

LD 26 Senate

Nathan Schlicher

LD 26 House Pos. 1

Larry Seaquist

LD 26 House Pos. 2

Laurie Jinkins

LD 27 House Pos. 1

Jake Fey

LD 27 House Pos. 2

Tami Green

LD 28 Senate

Mary Moss

LD 28 House Pos. 1

Christine Kilduff

LD 28 House Pos. 2

Steve Conway

LD 29 Senate

David Sawyer

LD 29 House Pos. 1

Shari Song

LD 30 Senate

Greq Baruso

LD 30 House Pos. 1

Roger Freeman

LD 30 House Pos. 2

Pam Roach

LD 31 Senate

Marilvn Chase

LD 32 Senate

Cindy Ryu

LD 32 House Pos. 1

Karen Keiser

LD 33 Senate

Mia Gregerson

LD 33 House Pos. 2

Sharon Nelson

LD 34 Senate

Joe Fitzgibbon

LD 34 House Pos. 2

Irene Bowling

LD 35 Senate

Tammey Newton

LD 35 House Pos. 2

Jeanne Kohl Welles

LD 36 Senate

Pramila Javapal

LD 37 Senate

Eric Pettigrew

LD 37 House Pos. 2

John McCoy

LD 38 Senate

June Robinson

LD 38 House Pos. 1

Mike Sells

LD 38 House Pos. 2

Charles Jensen

LD 39 House Pos. 2

Kris Lytton

LD 40 House Pos. 1

Tana Senn

LD 41 House Pos. 1

Seth Fleetwood

LD 42 Senate

Joy Monjure

LD 42 House Pos. 1

Satpal Sidhu

LD 42 House Pos. 2

Brady Walkinshaw

LD 43 House Pos. 1

Frank Chopp

LD 43 House Pos. 2

Steve Hobbs

LD 44 Senate

Hans Dunshee

LD 44 House Pos. 1

Mike Wilson

LD 44 House Pos. 2

Matt Isenhower

LD 45 Senate

Roger Goodman

LD 45 House Pos. 1

David Frockt

LD 46 Senate

Gerry Pollet

LD 46 House Pos. 1

Jessyn Farrell

LD 46 House Pos. 2

Chris Barringer

LD 47 House Pos. 1

Pat Sullivan

LD 47 House Pos. 2

Cyrus Habib

LD 48 Senate

Joan McBride

LD 48 House Pos. 2

Sharon Wylie

LD 49 House Pos. 1

Jim Moeller

LD 49 House Pos. 2

There are 49 legislative districts (LDs) in Washington, and they are based on your voting address.  You have one Senator and two members of the House of Representatives from your district.  If you are unsure who your Senator and Representatives are, click here and enter your address.





Mary Yu

Supreme Court Pos. 1

Mary Fairhurst

Supreme Court Pos. 3

Charles Johnson

Supreme Court Pos. 4

Deborah Stevens

Supreme Court Pos. 7

Bernard Veljacic

Clark County Superior Court Pos. 5

Ketu Shah

King County District Court Pos. 2

Karl Williams

Pierce County District Court Pos. 8

Jeanette Lineberry

Pierce County District Court Pos. 8

Aimee Maurer

Spokane County District Court Pos. 7

Jon Zimmerman

Seattle Municipal Court Pos. 2

Supreme Court members are elected statewide, and serve six-year terms.  This year, there are four members of the Supreme Court up for election.





Deanna Pauli-Hammond

Clark County Clerk

Katie Svoboda

Grays Harbor County Prosecutor

Dan Satterberg

King County Prosecutor

David Burke

(Dual) Pacific County Prosecutor

Mark McClain

(Dual) Pacific County Prosecutor

Dolly Hunt

Pend Oreille County Prosecutor

Derek Young

Pierce County Council, Pos. 8

Mary Wissink

Spokane County Clerk

Amy Biviano

Spokane County Treasurer




Early Childhood Education & Preschool

(Dual) Proposition 1A & 1B