As National Nurses week comes to a close, we honor the invaluable contributions of Teamster nurses at the Department of Corrections and the Washington State Nurses Association, as well as all caregivers who work in the profession.

It is hard to overstate the heroism these frontline warriors have shown over the last few years. They have carried us through the pandemic with professionalism, compassion, and boundless courage.

During these dark times when millions have fallen sick with COVID, they have worked tirelessly, often to the brink of exhaustion, to provide us with critical, ethical care. They have exposed themselves and their families to the virus so we could regain our health and return home. They have held the hands of our loved ones and consoled them as they clung to life, were intubated, or took their final, labored breaths. 

Please join us in expressing our profound gratitude to our nurses, this week and always. Their bravery in the face of adversity and their sacrifices for our well-being have been immeasurable.