A government shutdown is becoming a real possibility. If the legislature does not pass a budget by June 30, thousands of corrections employees could get laid off.

Many of you are hearing that temporary layoff notices will be issued soon. If a shutdown does occur, we will vigorously defend your rights under the contract. You can read more about the DOC’s contingency plan here.

The best way to avoid a shutdown is for us to continue to pressure our state Senators to pass a responsible budget that invests in corrections employees.

So far, the Senate has been unwilling to fund one of our major priorities – an audit of staffing levels that would ultimately improve staff safety in the prisons.

Please call your state Senator now at 1-800-562-6000. Tell them that a government shutdown will put you and your co-workers in danger. Tell them to invest in the men and women who keep us safe.

We will also be participating in a statewide Day of Action at Western State Hospital in Lakewood (9601 Steilacoom Blvd SW) at 12 noon on Thursday, June 22 to prevent a shutdown of state government.

If you are able to attend, please contact your Union Representative. You can RSVP for this event here.