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Secretary-Treasurer's Message

Brothers and Sisters:

Over the past week, I have watched in horror as more and more workers’ bodies were pulled from Rana Plaza in Bangladesh.

Thousands of garment workers, struggling to support their families on 18-26 cents an hour, were intentionally sent to work in an unsafe building.

Our Legislators Need to Hear From Us On Transportation!

This year, legislators in Olympia were unable to wrap up their business by the end of the regular 2013 legislative session, and the Governor called them back to Olympia for a special 30-day session to complete a state budget for the next two years.

Join Us For Tacoma Paid Sick Days Kickoff - Thursday, May 30

You shouldn't have to choose between your health and your job. That's why Teamsters Local 117 is committed to passing Paid Sick Days for workers in the City of Tacoma.

Will you join us on Thursday, May 30th at 6:30 p.m. at the Pierce County Central Labor Council to help kick off the Tacoma Paid Sick Days campaign?

Thursday, May 30, 2013 at 6:30 p.m.
Pierce County Labor Council
3049 S. 36th St. Tacoma, WA 98404

Thompson Editorial - City of Auburn Does a Disservice to Taxpayers

Local 117 Secretary-Treasurer Tracey Thompson has published a guest editorial in the Auburn Reporter that questions the City of Auburn officials' priorities in bargaining.  The editorial is published in its entirety below:

State Budget Update - Stalemate in Olympia

Budget negotiations continue to drag on in Olympia with no end in sight. Special session began on May 13 and is slated to end on June 13, and it is likely that a compromise on the operating, capital, and transportation budgets will not have been reached by that time.

Local 117 Welcomes New Political Action Coordinator

Teamsters Local 117 is pleased to welcome Dustin Lambro as your Union's new Political Action Coordinator.

A lifelong Washingtonian who’s lived and worked in every corner of our state, Dustin brings with him years of electoral politics and Union experience.

Teamster Taxi Operator Shares His Experiences at Unity Conference

Local 117 is on the forefront of a new effort by the Teamsters Union to organize thousands of taxicab operators across the country.

Last year, Local 117 organized over 500 Puget Sound taxi drivers into the Western Washington Taxicab Operators Association (WWTCOA). The WWTCOA, founded last June, works closely with Local 117 to protect the rights and improve working conditions for taxicab operators throughout our region.

Teamsters Fight For Earned Sick Days in City of Tacoma

You can’t sleep. It hurts to swallow, your bones ache, and you’re alternating between night sweats and chills. In the morning, you’ve got a decision to make: Either you call in sick, or you suck it up, stumble off to work, and risk getting worse.

Whatever you decide will have consequences, on your own health, the health of those around you, and perhaps on your ability to hold your job. If it’s a sick child you're faced with, the decision can be agonizing, especially if your employer is not the sympathetic sort.

Keeping An Eye on the State Budget

With regular session in Olympia winding down, the State Legislature and the Governor are hammering out a budget deal that will directly impact Teamsters at the Department of Corrections.

We’ve been tracking the budget negotiations closely, and from what we’ve seen so far, the Senate and the House budget proposals are a mixed bag as far as Corrections is concerned.

Breaking News! Doc Teamsters Win Interest Arbitration

We have some exciting news for Teamsters at the Department of Corrections:

On Friday, April 19, your Local Union’s Secretary-Treasurer Tracey A. Thompson resolved the pending bad faith bargaining Unfair Labor Practice against the State and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that secures full interest arbitration rights during the term of your 2013-2015 collective bargaining agreement.