Justin R. Shaffer, a Trooper with the Washington State Patrol, was killed in the line of duty on Tuesday.

With the coronavirus outbreak, these are incredibly stressful and challenging times for all of us. 

Many Teamsters have lost their jobs or seen their hours cut because their industries have been decimated by the virus.

Others, including those of you working in public safety professions, have been called on, as you so often are at a time of crisis, to report to duty despite the constant threat of infection. Indeed, many of you are putting in long hours to cover for your sisters or brothers who are out sick.

The stress on you and your family during a national emergency is tremendous. 

When tragedy strikes at a time like this, that stress is compounded. 

Recently, we witnessed the tragic, premature death of Justin R. Shaffer, a Trooper with the Washington State Patrol. Trooper Shaffer was killed in the line of duty while placing spike strips on I-5 in Chehalis on Tuesday.

Because law enforcement and corrections is such a close-knit community, this tragedy touches all of us.

Through his work, Trooper Shaffer dedicated his life to public service and made the ultimate sacrifice as he worked to keep our communities safe. We mourn his passing, commemorate his life, and cherish his memory. He will not be forgotten.