What do hundreds of local workers in the parking, warehouse, public sector and cold storage industries have in common?  They are all on the verge of winning their first Union contract with Teamsters Local 117!

Over the last year, workers at Animal Supply, Americold, Impark, Doug Fox, ATZ, and the City of Black Diamond have come together to fight for a voice in the workplace.  Now, after winning their Union elections, the workers are sitting down, face to face with their employers, along with Union staff, to engage in the collective bargaining process.

Some groups, like the workers at Americold, have already met with their employer several times and have made slow, but steady progress at the table.  Other groups, like the Impark unit, are just pinning the employer down with bargaining dates.

“We’ll be at the table soon, fighting for fair wages and good benefits.  We also need a break room.”

“The Teamsters are good for us and have already helped us a lot,” said Awgaw Fanta, a bargaining committee member who has been with Impark for 5 years.  “We’ll be at the table soon, fighting for fair wages and good benefits.  We also need a break room.”

In all cases, the outcome will result in major changes for the workers and their families: For the first time, workers will have job security, a process for settling disputes, and a voice at work.  They will also have the collective power of the 16,000 Teamsters of Local 117 across the State of Washington standing alongside them.   

The Local 117 Organizing Department has been on a tear recently, knocking off a string of organizing victories and helping hundreds of workers come together to gain a voice at work. 

Some of the new members of our Union include:

  • Puget Sound taxi cab operators - 600
  • Steeler (construction) - 40
  • IKEA (warehouse) - 65
  • GCA (airport shuttlers) - 175
  • AmeriCold (cold storage) - 30
  • Impark  (parking) - 86
  • App-Based Drivers Association (Uber drivers) - 160
  • Doug Fox (parking) - 25
  • Shuttle Park 2  (parking) - 21
  • Animal Supply (warehouse) - 85
  • City of Black Diamond (public sector) - 20

Bringing new workers into the Union builds power by creating Union density in key industries, which helps improve wages and benefits for all members. 

These organizing wins are likely to accelerate, now that we’ve invested additional resources in our Organizing Department by hiring three new organizers.  Mondher Almamar, Maria Francisca Torres, and Joshua Welter, all experienced organizers, began with the Local on October 1. 

The results speak for themselves.  After less than a month on the job, the Organizing Department is already organizing workers in three additional companies in the Puget Sound region.

In the coming weeks, these workers, who have taken a courageous first step in the fight for respect at work, will need the support of all Local 117 Teamsters.  Let’s be ready to stand with them!