Thanks to Teamsters at King County who completed their contract surveys for upcoming negotiations between our Coalition of Unions and the County. We will be sharing the results of the surveys and soliciting additional feedback at Contract Demands Meetings starting in April.

Your attendance at one of these meetings is important. This is your opportunity to share thoughts or concerns about your contract, ask questions, and bring ideas for proposals. Your participation is essential to establishing priorities for our Union’s negotiations teams.


For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the bargaining process, here's a quick overview:

At the Coalition level, we will be negotiating over the terms of your Coalition Labor Agreement, which can be found in the first 41 pages of your contract. This is often referred to as large table negotiations. These negotiations will start in June and include participation of approximately 26 Unions and over a hundred rank-and-file Union members. Maria Williams, our Local's President and Director of Representation, will be co-chairing the negotiations. 

Concurrently, we will also be negotiating over the appendix agreements of each of our 13 bargaining units, a process often called small table negotiations. We plan to have our bargaining teams for those negotiations assembled in May.

You can access your current labor agreement here.

If you have questions about the bargaining process or our upcoming Contract Demands Meetings, please reach out to your Union Representative. Your participation in this process is essential to achieving an agreement that best reflects the needs of the membership.