Today we are remembering Jayme Biendl, a Monroe correctional officer, who ten years ago lost her life in the line of duty and paid the ultimate sacrifice in the service and protection of our communities. Years have gone by, but her candle still shines on in the hearts and minds of her family, friends, co-workers, and fellow Teamsters. 

We commemorated the 10-year anniversary of her loving memory by creating the Officer Jayme Biendl Challenge Coin in the fall of 2020. This effort came in collaboration with a retired Teamster Correctional Officer who worked at MCC as a testament to the enduring memory of our fallen warrior sister. 

All proceeds from the coin went to benefit a scholarship our Union established in 2019 -- the Jayme Biendl Working Womxn Scholarship, which is now accepting applications for 2021. We look forward to awarding our Teamsters sisters and their dependents an opportunity at furthering their education as a tribute to Jayme's life, love, and sacrifice.