Sisters and Brothers,

As National Correctional Officers and Employees week comes to a close, I want to share my reflections with all of you, our Teamsters Sisters and Brothers, who perform this challenging, often thankless, but vitally important work.

As Correctional Employees, you have chosen a career path dedicated to protecting the public. This in itself is honorable. Very few professions are so indispensable and so integrally tied to keeping the public safe. Overseeing, educating, and rehabilitating the prison population takes skill, patience, professionalism, and courage.

Over the last two years, those qualities have been tested as you've braved unprecedented working conditions brought on by the pandemic. You've faced health and safety hazards like never before and worked to the brink of exhaustion.

You've always had each other's backs through it all, and you've stood by your co-workers, supporting and protecting them. You've done the hard, necessary work of readying incarcerated individuals for life beyond prison walls with dignity, fortitude, and compassion.

Every day, we hear stories of your perseverance in the face of adversity, and I am astounded by your dedication, resilience, and love.

Thank you for your service to our communities on behalf of the Teamsters 117 executive board, staff, and 17,000 members across Washington State.

It is truly an honor to represent you.

In solidarity,


John Scearcy