Sisters and Brothers -

As National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week comes to an end, I want to take a moment to thank you and highlight all of you that have chosen this profession.

When people talk about our first responders, many leave out an essential, highly-skilled group of workers - Telecommunicators - whose service is especially valuable at this time of crisis.

As Teamsters 911 personnel, you often serve as the first, critical point of contact with the public seeking relief in the event of emergency. You work behind the scenes to ensure the safety of the public and protect our police officers, firefighters, and EMS personnel by monitoring their activities by radio and providing them with vital information.

Covid-19 has not only increased the call volume at our 911 centers, it has made your work more challenging as people deal with the stressors of life during a global pandemic. 

"In the midst of a national emergency, your work is more vital than ever."

We all owe tremendous gratitude to you for your dedication, commitment, and professionalism. In the midst of a national emergency, your work is more vital than ever.

As someone who worked as a 911 dispatcher for 20 years, I know the pressures of the job and the challenges you face. You perform heroic work, but often receive little recognition for the life-saving services you provide. 

Thank you again for the amazing work you do on behalf of the public.

In unity,

Michelle Woodrow
President and Executive Director