Tong-Ly.jpgIt has been nearly 6 months since the membership of former GCC/IBT 767M, who work in the print and graphic arts field, voted to merge with Teamsters Local 117 and the changes are readily apparent.

The greater support has enabled members to ratify contracts at The Seattle Times pressroom, the Department of Enterprise Services - Print and Imaging Division, Capitol City Press, and the Spokesman Review pressroom. 

This describes just some of the changes that will assist the industry to achieve better compensation and conditions during a time of continued technological change and consolidation.

Former 767M members work in every facet of what is considered the graphic arts and printing industries, and while smaller in number, we continue to be on the edge of ever-changing technology and marketplaces for the products that we print and manufacture for our customers.

While there have been significant changes to the administration of the union, these are changes that will assist you at your workplace to resolve issues, to give you a voice, to provide support to you and your family, and to make the best of the great opportunities we have before us.

This includes the likelihood of seeking to organize workers in the industry at employers who compete with our employers and pay less in wages and benefits, making your job more difficult.

Local 117 provides many opportunities to further integrate into the greater Teamster family and to continue to involve ourselves with our great labor and community partners. You will find yourself with a much larger contingent of Teamsters who are attending community events, and standing up to their employers for better conditions and compensation. 

We welcome you with open arms to the big Teamster 117 family that will share our experiences and step forward together to take on the fight for better pay, benefits and conditions that we’ve been on for over 110 years.