As you know, a group called the “Freedom Foundation” filed a Public Records Act request to obtain personal, sensitive information--like your full name and date of birth--from the State. 

The Freedom Foundation is a radical group funded by wealthy out-of-state special interests with a troubling agenda – to weaken our union and eliminate our right to negotiate. You can read more about the Freedom Foundation at our FamilyStrengthCommunity website here.

The State informed us about their request, and we responded by immediately filing a lawsuit to prevent the State from providing this information. 

Your employer also sent you an email telling you that you could take action on your own to object to this disclosure. Fortunately, because we filed a lawsuit on your behalf to protect your privacy interests, you do not have to take any further action on your own.

Today, we filed additional documents in this case that outline our position--that the information is not subject to disclosure by the State because it would violate your right to privacy, and because the Foundation intends to use your personal information in a way that will violate several state laws, including the intent behind the Public Records Act. 

We know if the Foundation gets the information it requested, it will use that "victory" to fundraise to further its political agenda.  We believe that using public records in this way is against the Act.  We also know the Foundation plans to try to contact you at your home if they get this information.  We believe that is an outrageous invasion of your right to privacy, which is also protected by the Act.

On May 13, we'll be in court, where a judge will decide whether the State has to provide your information. We will provide you with an update after the court proceedings on May 13.

Rest assured, we are doing everything we can under the law to protect your privacy from organizations like the “Freedom Foundation” that seek to misuse the law for political purposes.

Please talk to your co-workers about the Freedom Foundation's harmful agenda of trying to break our Union and weaken our right to bargain.

Thank you for your service. Stay safe.