Every Voice Counts Project Grows at King County


Shop Steward Cynthia Adams (bottom right) shares ideas with her co-workers as a part of our Every Voice Counts project.

The King Street Center was buzzing yesterday, as Teamsters at King County met to share ideas and voice their concerns about the workplace as a part of our Every Voice Counts project. 

Members grabbed lunch, then sat together in small groups to exchange ideas. Many issues were brought to the table, including the need for the County to recognize longevity, provide equitable wages and benefits, and limit the number of temps.

Members also received the latest update from the ongoing total comp negotiations.

Our goal with this project is for member leaders to listen to their co-workers about how to build a better workplace and a stronger union. So far, dozens of King County Teamsters have participated in the project.

"It's important to have union representation because of the political environment we're facing," said Lisa Longdon, a Shop Steward from the King County Professional and Technical group. "There needs to be a voice for the people, which is the union."

We will be continuing to organize lunchtime events at King County for the next several months. If you would like to schedule your Every Voice Counts interview, talk to your Shop Steward, your Business Rep. Suzette Dickerson, or contact Karen Estevenin at 206-441-4860 ext. 1244. 

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