Teamsters 117 represents approximately 3,500 members who work for local public sector jurisdictions in King and Pierce Counties (in addition to 6,000 state employees who work for the state Dept. of Corrections). 

We have members who work for the cities of Seattle and Tacoma, at King County and Pierce County, as well as a dozen other local cities and the Port of Seattle, in hundreds of classifications.

One thing all of our members share, regardless of whether we work in the public or private sector, is that we all deserve good public services, and we believe that anyone who works for a living should have good wages and benefits to be able to take care of their families.

Elected officials who serve on city councils, or county councils, make decisions that impact our members every day. They approve or reject collective bargaining agreements we negotiate in the public sector, which means that who gets elected to office matters a great deal. 

In 2019, our Statewide Political Advisory Committee met with dozens of candidates, and made endorsements for local office for positions which will appear on your General Election ballot.

For a list of all of our endorsed candidates, please click here. For additional endorsements in races in which we didn't take action, you can find endorsements from the MLK County Labor Council.

If you have any questions about the ballot you get in the mail, or you need more information on anyone we have endorsed, please feel free to reach out to our Political Director, Dustin Lambro, at 1-888-872-3489 x1262 or dustin @