The topics below are intended to reflect only a limited sample of the representational work that is occurring at your facility.  If you have questions about specific issues, please talk to your Business Representative.

  • On 1/28, eight members from AHCC attended our Teamsters Lobby Day.  Members spoke to their legislators about safety and security issues, prison overcrowding, and a number of other issues.
  • On 1/29, Business Representative Tawny Humbert represented a member in a pre-disciplinary hearing.
  • On 1/30, Representative Humbert participated in a grievance hearing regarding a change in practice at the facility.  An issue involving members who work double shifts was also addressed.  The second issue will likely go to PARM.
  • On 1/31, Representative Humbert participated in a Step 1 grievance meeting to discuss a supervisory conference form.   The Department agreed to re-draft the form in a more objective manner.
  • On 2/3, Representative Humbert participated in a Step 1 grievance meeting to discuss a letter of reprimand.  We are hopeful that the letter will be rescinded.
  • On 2/10, Representative Humbert participated in a pre-disciplinary hearing over an issue involving the use of sick leave.
  • On 2/11, Representative Humbert participated in an LMCC to discuss prioritizing workloads in the Records Department due to legislative changes and other issues.
  • On 2/20, we have our New Initiates meetings scheduled all day in the Main Campus Core Room (Old Muster Room) at AHCC.  The times for the meetings are:  0630, 1100, 1300, 1415, and 1600.
  • On 2/26 and 2/27, Representative Humbert will be sitting on a Grievance Review Panel to discuss a number of cases. 
  • On 1/6, Representative Eydie Dean participated in a conference call to discuss the six new CI positions that have been created by the Department.  DOC has posted the positions as non-represented; we are currently analyzing whether or not those positions should be in  bargaining unit. 
  • On 1/8, Representative Dean provided a union orientation at CORE to new employees.
  • On 1/16, Representative Dean attended the Farm to Family rally at the Darigold headquarters in an effort to build union solidarity around worker rights issues.
  • On 1/22, Representative Dean attended the eastside Grievance Review Panel at AHCC. Four cases were heard at Panel.
  • On 1/23, Representative Dean attended roster management negotiations. Those negotiations are now completed and members should be looking for a new policy on roster management from the Department.
  • On 1/28, eleven members and their families from CRCC attended our Teamsters Lobby Day in Olympia. One of the day’s highlights was our meeting with Representative Joe Schmick (9th District), who sponsored HB 2425, a bill designed to study DOC staffing levels.  Two CRCC Shop Stewards, Kellen Cunningham & Steve Beck, met with Representative Brad Klippert to discuss the prison’s Veterans’ Program.
  • On 2/4, Representative Dean participated in an LMCC to discuss two issues, the prison’s Veterans’ Program and a potential change to a property officer position at MSU.
  • We had our contract demands meetings at CRCC on February 13 to discuss interest arbitration and upcoming contract negotiations.
  • On 1/8, Representative Greg Senderhauf facilitated a New Employee Orientation meeting with the CORE class at WSP.  Approximately 25 new employees attended.
  • Representative Senderhauf met with management in five pre-disciplinary hearings throughout the month of January over a variety of issues.
  • On 1/17, Representative Senderhauf met with Shop Stewards at WSP to discuss upcoming contract negotiations, the Steward’s role in collecting contract surveys, and training in the disciplinary process.
  • On 1/28, five WSP Shop Stewards attended our Teamsters Lobby Day.  At the event, members spoke with Sen. Mike Hewitt, Rep. Terry Nealey, and Rep. Maureen Walsh. The legislators were generally supportive of new units opening at WSP; however, Nealey and Hewitt expressed reservations about whether there would be a supplemental budget to fund the opening.
  • On 1/30, Representative Senderhauf participated in an LMCC with Classification Counselors from 8-10. A custody Labor Management meeting was held from 10-12. Six Shop Stewards attended the meeting.  The following issues were discussed:
    • workload and evidence-based programming
    • safety issues in the east complex dining hall  
    • uniform standards (management says that once everyone has their new coats, they will be enforcing policy more closely than they have in the past)
    • unscheduled leave usage
    • supplemental vacation requests and how the new electronic leave slip process is working
    • south complex operations
  • On 1/31, Representative Senderhauf participated in a health services LMCC, along with Director of Corrections Michelle Woodrow.  Six Shop Stewards attended the meeting.  We discussed the following issues:
    • bid positions
    • out-patient operations
    • east clinic operations
    • follow up on how the new south complex clinic is running
    • staffing issues for nurses
  • On 2/11, we had our contract demands meetings at WSP to discuss interest arbitration and upcoming contract negotiations.