The topics below are intended to reflect only a limited sample of the representational work that is occurring at your facility.  If you have questions about specific issues, please talk to your Business Representative.



  • Grievance was filed on 9/6 for improper bid denial.
  • Grievance meeting held on 9/18 for denial of a member’s CBA day by CI.
  • On 9/10, we moved five cases to arbitration over a variety of issues.


  • Bargaining took place at AHCC on 9/16 over evidence-based programs and duties for classification counselors. Additional negotiations will be occurring.
  • Bargaining is scheduled for 10/16 over a variety of issues in the warehouse. 
  • A PARM is scheduled for 9/23 over a change in practice with regard to vacation scheduling.

Shop Stewards:

  • We will be posting for new Shop Stewards on 10/1 for 6 positions, both non-custody & custody positions.

Safety-Related Issues:

  • We have discussed an ongoing safety-related issue in the food factory.  Management says that “they are looking into it.” 


  • Michelle Woodrow, your Union’s Director of Corrections, and DOC Coordinator Sarena Davis, toured AHCC on 9/11. 

Holiday Pay: 

  • In April, Business Rep. Eydie Dean filed a statewide grievance over the DOC’s refusal to pay holiday pay.  There was no resolution to the issue at the Step 1 and Step 2 grievance process.  The grievance has been scheduled for PARM.

Evidence-Based Programs: 

  • Bargaining took place at Airway Heights on 9/16 over evidence-based programs and duties for classification counselors.  Additional negotiations will be occurring.

Construction Maintenance:

  • Bargaining took place on 9/17 over Construction and Maintenance Project Supervisor positions.  We are negotiating job duties and job descriptions.   Three CRCC members were at the table.   

Shop Stewards: 

  • We will be posting for new Shop Steward signups in the first week of October.
  • A grievance was filed on 8/30 over improper discipline. 
  • A Grievance Panel was held on Tuesday, September 10 to discuss Metal Detectors in E. Complex.  The DOC has agreed to add a metal detector in E. Complex Kitchen; LMCC will be held with E. Complex Staff, scheduled for Tuesday, October 1.  We will determine after the LMCC whether to move forward with the grievance.
  • Two grievances regarding Safety/Workplace Bullying and Sexual Harassment in a particular work area are under investigation.  Grievance hearings are pending the outcome of the investigation.
  • Grievances/Situations Resolved
    • Filed grievance resolved:  Grievance 160-12 regarding a performance evaluation resolved—language removed from evaluation.
    • Return to work within 72-hours for employee who resigned
    • Improper overtime assignment for a Correctional Mental Health Counselor.
  • Potential Grievances Being Investigated
    • Application of overtime for Correctional Mental Health Counselors.
    • Overtime worked at straight-time rates for on-call officers.

Labor Management Meetings:

  • Upcoming meeting on October 1st, E. Complex Custody Staff.
  • Upcoming meeting on October 15th, Joint Health Services—Custody LMCC.
  • Upcoming meeting for Counselors in late October, primarily for D-E-F-G counselors.  Focus on workload and Evidence-Based Programs.

Shop Steward Elections: 

  • Shop Steward sign-up sheets will be posted from October 1-15 on the East and West Complex Bulletin Boards.  Steward elections, if necessary, will be held during the week of October 21-25.

Community Sponsorship Winners: 

  • Two WSP members submitted Community Sponsorship applications for Walla Walla Cattleman’s Association 4H and for a Pasco Youth Football—“C” Division Sharks.  Both were approved for sponsorship.