Emergency Financial Assistance for Uber and Lyft Drivers



If you have lost income due to the COVID-19 crisis, you may be eligible for state unemployment benefits (even if you are still driving).

We encourage drivers to apply. 

Fill out the form below to receive our Unemployment Guide for Uber and Lyft drivers in Washington State. 

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    Roberta Mupo
    My name is Roberta J Mupo and I started driving for Lyft last August 2019 until the middle of February because I was recieving disability of only $831 per month and I was struggling really bad I couldn’t make my bills that’s why I joined Lyft. I absolutely loved my job, got the highest ratings possible from my drivers, drivers all were requesting me to be there drivers, I bought drinks (water) and snacks for the kids almost everyday. I want to begin driving again where it’s really still not good for people to interact with others especially when your not a well person to begin with (which is me) and i can get documentation from my doctors that I’m not the person that could be around all different people. The day the Corona Virus is over I will be the first one on there starting to driver again with Lyft. Once I began working with Lyft it was so much better for me, I wasn’t stressing so much and I was making enough to be able to pay my bills. I even had a little more money to purchase the drinks and snacks for my riders. It helped me out so much the additional $125 – $165 monthly was a huge increase for me, but now that I’m not driving I’m in the same situation that I was in before, I wish so bad that I could receive the PUA insurance just to help me get by until the Corona Virus is close to being over. I’ve never done anything illegal out there and I truly honestly believe that I’m entitled to the PUA assistance until the epidemic is over, anyone out there please respect my demand for the unemployment PUA because without the extra money I can’t afford to make it on my own.
    Thank You Kindly,
    Roberta J Mupo
    Suffolk Cty Driver for Lyft