Don't let yourself be part of these witches' brew. Get your ballot in the mail today!

Scary news this Halloween, Teamsters.🎃 With election day only a week away, less than 10% of voters statewide have cast their ballots. We need to do our part to boost that number.

Our elected officials make decisions that directly impact Teamsters 117 members and their families. They vote to approve (or oppose) funding our contracts. They make laws governing workplace safety, retirement security, affordable healthcare, collective bargaining rights, public safety, and so much more. 

Working families and our communities thrive (or can be threatened) depending on who holds the seats of political power. 

So, please, do your part and vote. 


Unsure about which candidates side with labor? We can help! Every election cycle, Teamsters 117 endorses candidates who stand with working families. (Our Joint Council of Teamsters No. 28 has a separate endorsement process.)

Our Union's endorsements are based on recommendations made by our member-driven Political Advisory Committee. This is a group of rank-and-file members that sits down and interviews candidates running for office.

We ask the tough questions like, Will you join us on a picket line? or Will you vote to make our workplaces safer? Members on the committee get to hear straight from the horses' mouths before making their recommendation. Sound exciting? Here's how you can join that group

Another thing to know - our endorsements are not based on political party. Rather, we look at who supports the bread-and-butter labor issues workers care about most.

And we don't make financial contributions to candidates using member dues dollars. Our Union's contributions come out of a separate fund call DRIVE, our Teamsters 117 Political Action Committee (PAC). If you'd like to contribute to DRIVE, please contact Political Director Samatha Grad at [email protected]


So don't be a toad this Halloween, Teamster. Get your ballot postmarked or in your neighborhood dropbox by next Tuesday, November 7.

See our Union's Endorsements