Teamsters, your vote is your voice! Get your ballot postmarked or in your neighborhood dropbox by Tuesday, November 7, 2023. Please don't forget to vote!


Our Political Advisory Committee, consisting of rank-and-file members, interviews and recommends candidates for endorsement based on their support for workers in Washington State. We do not endorse candidates based on political party or use member dues dollars for contributions to candidates. Instead, candidate contributions come from money members voluntarily contribute to DRIVE, our Political Action Committee (PAC). If you are interested in contributing to DRIVE, please contact your Union Rep or call 1-888-872-3489.


James Jeyaraj - Auburn City Council, Position 3

Patricia Hudson - Burien City Council, Position 4

Krystal Marx - Burien City Council, Position 6

Cydney Moore - Burien, City Council, Position 2

Demi Chatters - Everett, Council Position 6

Judith Martinez - Everett, Council, Position 7

John Boyd - Kent City Council, Position 3

Zandria Michaud - Kent City Council, Position 7

Girmay Zahilay - King County Council, District 2

Jorge Baron - King County Council, District 4

Claudia Balducci - King County Council, District 6

Kate Kruller - Mayor of Tukwila

Sam Cho - Port of Seattle, Commissioner Position 2

Fred Felleman - Port of Seattle, Commissioner Position 5

Deanna Keller - Port of Tacoma, Commissioner Position 3

Kristin Ang - Port of Tacoma, Commissioner Position 5

Anthony Berkley - Public Hospital District No. 1 Commissioner District No. 1

Osman Salahuddin - Redmond City Council, Position 1

Ed Prince - Renton City Council, Position 5

Kim Khan Van - Renton City Council, Position 7

Senayet Negusse - Seatac City Council, Position 1

Elizabeth Greninger - SeaTac City Council, Position 3

James Lovell - SeaTac City Council, Position 5

Damiana Merryweather - SeaTac City Council, Position 7

Maren Costa - Seattle City Council, D1

Tammy J Morales - Seattle City Council, D2

Alex Hudson - Seattle City Council, D3

Ron Davis - Seattle City Council, D4

Dan Strauss - Seattle City Council, D6

Andrew J. Lewis - Seattle City Council, D7

Olgy Diaz - Tacoma City Council, at Large Position 7

Kristina Walker - Tacoma City Council, at Large Position 8

Chris Van Vechten - Tacoma City Council, District 3

Elizabeth Bonbright - Tacoma School District No. 10 - Position 5

Matt Mauer - Metropolitan Park District of Tacoma, Commissioner Position 5

Dean Johnson - Puyallup City Council, District 2

Jamie Smith - Pierce County Council, District 2


For more Teamsters political endorsements in Washington State, please visit the Joint Council of Teamsters No. 28. website here. See how individual candidates have voted on labor-related issues on the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO website here