Your bargaining committee met with the State on Thursday and Friday, September 2-3, over the mandatory vaccines ordered by the Governor’s Proclamation.

Let's start by recognizing the shop stewards leading the bargain:

  • Corey Doty (CS3, AHCC)
  • Sheryl Green (RN2, AHCC)
  • Becky HaneyNixon (CC3, WSP)
  • Brooke Hays (CC2, CRCC)
  • Jason Heuer (CO3, MCC)
  • Christopher Lukens (MM4, CBCC)
  • Christopher Malone (CO2, WSP)
  • Alena McGowan-Folsom (A/C Cook , MCCCW)
  • Paul Moore (RN3, MCC)
  • Gregg, Peterson (CO2, SCCC)
  • Shawn Piliponis (CC2, LCC)
  • Jesse Reese (CO2, SCCC)
  • William Teepe (CO2, WSP)
  • Tony Tellez (CISA, WCC)

The time, energy, dedication, thoughtfulness, and strategy that has gone into this negotiation is unmatched. In addition to the time spent in bargaining, the stewards have kept the membership updated, fielded phone calls and emails, all on personal time, while also maintaining their regular work schedule; it truly speaks to the dedication to their Union sisters and brothers. 

Please take a moment to say Thank You or send a kind word to your bargaining team members.

You Union's bargaining committee has spent a significant amount of time requesting information and asking questions about how the DOC plans to operate Safe and Humane prisons after October 18th. We anticipate severe staffing shortages if employees refuse to become fully vaccinated. Today we were presented with an overview of the DOC's contingency plan based on different levels of staffing deficits. For those who are vaccinated, we encourage you to notify the DOC. Your Union is receiving updated vaccination rate information as well. It is an integral part of the contingency planning for the staff that will be working after October 18th.

Over the last two days, the State has continued its strong stance that you must be vaccinated to maintain a position at DOC. We continue to be at odds over the State's ability to accommodate employees after being approved for medical and religious exemptions. If the DOC has notified you that your medical or religious exemption has been approved, be sure to get in touch with your local Union representative immediately. You can find their contact information here.

We are in the process of scheduling an additional bargaining date with the State and will update you soon.