By an overwhelming margin, DOC Teamsters have voted to reject the State’s contract proposal.

The final vote results are as follows:

  • 94.9% voted to REJECT the State’s offer
  • 5.1% voted to ACCEPT the State's offer

With over 3,000 Teamsters at DOC casting a ballot, this contract vote has the highest voter participation rate ever.

The Teamster vote to reject the State's offer means we will present our proposals on unresolved language issues and for higher wages before a neutral arbitrator in a hearing scheduled to start on Monday, August 29. 

Your Union is ready! Rank-and-file members of the bargaining unit will testify at the hearing as we make our case before the arbitrator with supportive data and strong compelling arguments. During the interest arbitration hearing, we will provide you with regular updates. The arbitrator will listen to evidence on both sides and issue a decision by the end of September.

No matter what the arbitrator decides, we will need to make sure that the award is fully funded by the State legislature during the next legislative session in Olympia. This will require excellent member participation at our Lobby Day event, which will take place in Olympia on February 8-9 next year.

Thank you to everyone who followed the lead of our Union’s negotiation committee and voted to reject the State’s proposal. Your work as Teamster corrections employees is worth more than the State’s substandard offer. You face challenges and dangers on the job to protect all of us.