Nicholas_photo2.jpgMy name is Nicholas Cannady, and I am 22 years old. I have worked as a Correctional Officer at Clallam Bay Correctional Center for 2 years.

When I first started with DOC I was not a big fan of the union. I had the common misconception that the union didn’t do anything except take our union dues.

Well, back in January, one of the shop stewards kept talking about the lobby day and how it would help us get a raise, so I figured why not and decided to go.

While at lobby day, I saw how hard all the Teamsters actually work. They cared about getting us our raise and going out of the way to help DOC members.

Then, when I talked in front of the House Committee, I got to see how determined and hard working the Teamsters staff were again and it really changed my opinion of the Union all together.

They care about getting DOC their raise and helping DOC employees who are facing problems inside and outside of work.  

I’m proud to say I am a Teamsters Shop Steward.