I have some exciting news to share. Our Union bargaining committee has successfully achieved interest arbitration rights in our 2017-2019 collective bargaining agreement.

This is a major accomplishment that will allow us to take mandatory subjects of bargaining to a neutral, third-party arbitrator if we reach impasse with the State over issues like compensation.

We were able to achieve interest arbitration through consultation with our Union bargaining team while in the process of certifying issues to be settled by the arbitrator in our interest arbitration hearing scheduled for the week of August 29.

Our team overwhelmingly agreed that, with interest arbitration on the table, the only issue to be settled by the arbitrator should be compensation.

I want to thank our Union bargaining committee again for their outstanding work. Our team worked many long hours and their incredible dedication, care, and professionalism helped produce some excellent results.

Through their work, we were able to achieve the following improvements to our contract:

  • Interest arbitration rights in the contract;
  • Improved Vacation Accruals for all members;
  • Just Cause protections for on-call employees after 4160 hours worked;
  • Improved transfer language to include hardship transfers;
  • Paid time off to ensure adequate rest upon return from an extended duty assignment.

You can view these and other language changes as well as a joint statement from our Union bargaining committee in the contract update documents below:

I want to encourage you to attend one of the contract update meetings that will take place over the next two weeks. These meetings will give you an opportunity to ask questions about bargaining, changes to your contract, and the interest arbitration process.

Thank you so much for all that you do. Stay safe.


Michelle Woodrow
President and Director of Corrections & Law Enforcement