Our DOC negotiation committee readies for the first day of contract talks with the State.

A powerful group of Teamster corrections members from across the State gathered at the Union hall in Tukwila this week as negotiations over our 2023-2025 DOC contract officially got underway.

The team of 22 shop stewards, representing multiple classifications at ten facilities, along with union staff met all day on Wednesday to strategize and to draft, modify, and finalize proposals.

Leading the negotiations for the Union are Secretary-Treasurer John Scearcy, Senior Staff Attorney Eamon McCleery, and Director of Corrections and Law Enforcement Sarena Davis. 

All of our Union Negotiation Committee's proposals are based on feedback we received from the membership through our contract surveys and at the contract demands meetings. 

In addition to having many experienced members on the team who have participated in multiple negotiations, we also have some first-timers who are new to the bargaining process, including Anthony Berkley, an LPN4 from MCC. "It's an honor and a privilege to be a part of these negotiations," Berkely said. "I want to thank the Teamsters leadership for giving me this opportunity."

Danny Fulton, an Electronics Technician 4 at WCC, is also witnessing negotiations for the first time. "The first day we came together as a team and developed proposals as a team," Fulton said. "We want to make sure no voice is minimized and the voices of all classifications are maximized."

After the prep day on Wednesday, our Union Committee met face-to-face with the State on Thursday to present our proposals. The State asked clarifying questions that your amazing bargaining committee was prepared to respond to with examples. At this early stage in negotiations, we are seeking language improvements to the contract and have not yet discussed economic provisions of the agreement.

Our Committee also met with the new General President of the Teamsters Union, Sean O'Brien, who was visiting from Washington D.C. Members asked questions about the new administration's vision for the Union and how our International Union can best support members working in corrections. 

We anticipate that the State will present its language proposals in our next meeting scheduled for June 8-9 at the Teamsters Union hall in Tukwila. Here is the complete schedule for negotiations:

  • May 25-26, 2022 - Teamsters Union Hall
  • June 8-9, 2022 - Teamsters Union Hall
  • June 22-23, 2022 - Zoom
  • July 20-21, 2022 - Zoom
  • July 27-28, 2022 - Teamsters Union Hall
  • August 1, 3, 5, 2022 - Zoom (Mediation if needed)

If you have questions, please contact your DOC Union Representative or your Shop Steward on the Union Negotiation Committee listed below:

AHCC Corey Doty CS3
AHCC Sheryl Green RN
AHCC Thomas Johnson CO2
CBCC Brady McNeely CO2
CRCC Daniel Abercrombie CO2
CRCC Scott Williams CO3
LCC Shawn Piliponis CS3
MCC Anthony Berkley LPN 4
MCC William Pollick CO3
MCC Jason Heuer CO3
MCC Lynn Kunkle RN
MCCCW Alena McGowan-Folsom A/C Cook
OCC Matthew Fultz CO2
SCCC Gregg Peterson CO2
SCCC Jesse Reese CO2
WCC Danny Fulton Electronics Tech 4
WCC Timothy Greene CO3
WCC Tony Tellez CI Supervisor Assistant
WCCW Tyrell Baker CO2
WSP Christopher Malone CO2
WSP Eric Villaro Electronics Tech 4


You can view a short video update from the first day of negotiations below: