On Tuesday, June 29th, we resumed our DOC contract negotiations with the State after we had agreed to cancel the ULP hearing and hold the charge "in abeyance". This has allowed us to get back to the bargaining table while still retaining the right to reassert the charge if deemed necessary.

During our negotiations on Tuesday, we passed a new economic proposal that includes wage increases. Our bargaining team developed a fortified economic position in response to the dramatic economic turn-around brought on by the waning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fact is, the State is no longer facing a budget shortfall as it was last year. The most recent State revenue forecast, for example, shows a significant increase in revenue – up to 9.6% from March to June.

Our new proposal is also based on our exhaustive market research that shows that many classifications are significantly behind when compared to other states and county corrections departments, as well as the documented recruitment and retention problems at the Department of Corrections.

We expect the State to respond to our opening proposal on July 13th, which is our next bargaining date (see negotiations schedule here). We will keep you informed as the negotiations proceed.

Our contract vote is approaching later this month, please watch for communications from us via email and regular mail.

Be sure to update your contact info as all voting will take place electronically.