We have concluded the negotiations and mediation process with the State over your 2017-2019 collective bargaining agreement. 

Over the next two weeks, we will be holding contract update meetings to provide you with an overview from bargaining and an opportunity to ask questions.

In the final mediation session, held on Friday, August 12, we were unable to reach agreement with the State on the core economic items in your contract. 

The State’s final economic proposal was a 3 percent general wage increase in the first year of the contract and a 1 percent increase in year two. Your union bargaining committee unanimously rejected that proposal.

The committee decided that the offer was so insulting to the membership that they could not “in good conscience dignify that level of disrespect from the State with a vote."

You can view a joint statement from the committee here. You can also view a short video that summarizes the outcomes from bargaining here.

We will have an interest arbitration hearing in the last week of August to resolve mandatory subjects of bargaining, including the core economic items.

We will be sending you more information about the interest arbitration process and the upcoming hearing soon.

It is unfortunate that the State was unwilling to recognize the essential nature of your work and the incredible service you provide to keep our communities safe.

I want to recognize our outstanding bargaining committee for their hard work and countless hours speaking out on your behalf.  

Thank you for your service to our community. Please stay safe.