Demand Sick Pay for Uber/Lyft Drivers


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    Austin Wilcher
    commented on Demand Sick Pay for Uber/Lyft Drivers 2020-04-14 08:30:12 -0700
    This is extremely unfair to cap us at 5.74 an hour. I made each of these companies plenty of money in the past year. You would think they would show alittle more gratitude. I feel punished that I’m not out driving, essentially wasting my time, and putting my self and my family at risk. I’m not sick by any means, but what if I get it? What is I pass it to my mom or my sister? My sister is a heart disease and the last thing I need to do is contact covid as a healthy person and transfer it to her. My father was murdered in 2017 and I’m not even able to keep up with Bills due to the fact that I’m protecting my family. That’s extremely unfair.