Almost a year ago today, Local 117 members at Davis Wire returned to work after a three-month long unfair labor practice strike at their facility.

Despite knowing the truck entrances, sidewalks and railroad tracks like the back of my hand, yesterday was the first-time that I have ever been inside of the facility. 

I cannot describe how wonderful it was to reconnect with those members whom I personally (and many others) spent so much time with over the course of the strike. I got to see their new break room, hear about changes in safety procedures and management and overall get an entirely new appreciation for the intricacies of wire manufacturing.

Although I know that things are far from perfect since the strike ended, to this day, I am still so humbled by the amazing strength and solidarity exhibited by my Davis Wire brothers.

During a battle that seemed endless, they reminded me that when we stand together, there is no battle we cannot win.

They make me so proud to be a Teamster.