MontCoCorrections.jpgYou work in Corrections, serving your community and keeping us safe, yet your shift is so understaffed that there's no time to go to the bathroom.  Your wages have been shrinking for years as have your benefits.  What do you do?  

You join the Teamsters, that's what!  

That's exactly what 225 correctional officers in Montgomery County, PA elected to do today.  The officers, who work at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility in the Lower Providence Township, became the newest members of Teamsters Local 384 by voting 120-83 to join the union.

The next step is to sit down with the County and negotiate a contract.  

Let's send our heartfelt congratulations to our brothers and sisters in Pennsylvania for choosing Teamsters' representation.  As Chris O'Donnell, a Business Representative for Local 384 said of the results, "It's long overdue."