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3 Ways to Become a Teamster

1. I am looking for work.  I want a Teamster job:

If you are looking for work and want to apply for a Teamster job, check out our job board. Teamsters 117 does not have a hiring hall. 

2. I have a Teamster job, but I haven't filled out my membership application:

To join Teamsters 117 based on a recent change of employment or if you are already part of a Local 117 bargaining unit and need to complete your Union membership application, please contact the Teamsters 117 office at 206-441-4860.

3. I have a job, but it's not a Teamster job. My co-workers and I want to join Teamsters:

Teamsters 117 is about having dignity and respect on the job.  If your workplace does not have a Union or you are seeking a change in representation, get in touch with the Local 117 Organizing Department. 

  • Contact Us: Call 206-441-4860 and ask to speak with an Organizer.
  • We'll Contact You:  Fill out the confidential form below and we'll contact you.

Your information is completely confidential and secure.  Joining a union is your right.  Watch a video about Teamsters 117 to learn more.


Members of Teamsters 117 earn more than their non-union counterparts; they have better benefits, and they have a voice in the workplace.

  • Local 117 pay is higher than non-union pay
  • Local 117 workers have better health care and pensions
  • Local 117 gives workers a voice in determining working conditions
  • Local 117 narrows the wage gap for women and people of color
  • Local 117 helps bring workers into the middle class

View a fact sheet on the advantages of being a Union member.  Read about your legal right to join a union.