Assault-Bill---Photo.jpgGreat news! Last night at approximately 10:15 P.M., the Governor signed our bill to extend assault benefits for DOC (6286). 

The bill was one of 10 public safety related bills that the Governor signed into law as the regular 60-day legislative session concluded in Olympia. 

Until late Thursday, there were no assurances that the Governor would sign our bill or any other piece of legislation that had been delivered to his desk.

Earlier in the week, he had threatened to use his veto power to send a message to lawmakers that they needed to reach a compromise on a supplemental budget. The Governor made true on his promise by vetoing 27 bills last night and calling a special session to give time for budget writers to work out their differences.

Fortunately, our bill was one of few that made the cut. The Governor signed our bill because we sent a strong message during session about the law's vital importance to public safety and the men and women at the DOC.

This is a major victory for all Teamsters. The bill helps recognize the dangerous work of our members in corrections who risk their lives every day to keep all of us safe.

Under the old law, DOC staff who were seriously assaulted on the job would have their benefits cut off after one year. Now those benefits will be extended as long as the assaulted employee is eligible for L&I benefits.

Our win could not have been possible without hundreds of us speaking out.

Your emails, phone calls, and lobby visits made the difference. Congratulations to all of you who worked so hard to extend assault benefits for DOC!