Got Teamsters medical? It's time to complete your annual re-enrollment with the Washington Teamsters Welfare Trust (WTWT). To avoid delays in your medical claims, please complete your re-enrollment by December 15, 2020.


If you are covered under a WTWT plan, you can save on your 2021 medical expenses by taking a confidential personal Health Assessment

If you, and your eligible spouse or covered domestic partner 18 years of age and older, both take your annual Health Assessment between November 1 and December 15, you will qualify for the following incentives:

  • Medical Plan A, B, C, Z, and Kaiser – your 2021 annual deductible will be $200 less for individual coverage and up to $600 less for family coverage.

The assessment is a confidential questionnaire about your lifestyle and health. It's easy to complete and gives you the opportunity to improve and maintain healthy habits.

To take the assessment, visit If you're having trouble, email Vivacity at [email protected]  or 855-784-4562 (PPO) or (866) 458-5277 (Kaiser) to request a paper version. 

View a flyer with this information here.