house.jpgOn President’s Day, a group of Teamsters spent their day off in Olympia, hustling around the State Capitol, seeking out legislators in their offices, and pulling them from the Senate floor.

This was our Public Service Matters lobby day, a chance for members to establish relationships with their representatives, engage in spirited discussion about critical issues, and remind lawmakers about the important services that public employees provide to our communities.

Randy Marquis, a Shop Steward and heavy equipment operator at the City of Tacoma, spoke about his experience.

“I had an absolute blast! This was my first time lobbying in Olympia, but it will definitely not be my last. I felt that the legislators we got to talk to were very courteous and willing to listen. It was fascinating to see how things get done in our state government,” he said.

At the event, we focused on two bills that are especially important to Local 117 members working in the public sector.

SB 5678 would amend the Public Records Act to protect the privacy of public employees, while SB 6286 would extend assault benefits for our state’s correctional employees.

In all, we were able to speak directly with 45 out of 49 Senators about the two bills, an amazing feat for our small group.

It was especially nice to see members and staff bring their children to the event. What a great way to celebrate President’s Day – by taking the family to the Capitol, meeting with legislators, and participating in the democratic process.

We will certainly repeat the event and hope to expand it for next year.