Alejandra Calderon understands that giving a little bit of your time can go a long way.

Growing up, Alejandra benefited from the Proyecto Saber program through her school. This program helps Latino students graduate from high school, and aspires to help them get into college.

Alejandra had been a Proyecto student since elementary school, and knows the impact this program had on her life.  She is determined to move it forward and help today’s students go on to bigger and better things.

She does this by giving the students and the program something they need as much as funding – her time.

Students in this program are some of the most thoughtful and selfless kids you could meet. When asked about why they want to go to college, most of them respond with fierce determination:  To help out their families, their community and the Proyecto Saber program.

For those students who cannot afford to further their education, or just aren’t in a position to go to college, a union job is a means to a family wage, benefits, and the opportunity to give back.  Alejandra would like to work with Comite Latino and Teamsters 117 to help these students with college sponsorships, as well as help them find union jobs.

"Having the Union support you really does make a difference,” Alejandra says.

When Alejandra isn’t volunteering or organizing events for Proyecto Saber, she is an assistant cheer coach, a soccer mom, chauffeur, and all-around devoted mother to her 12-year-old daughter.

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