Last Saturday, members and staff from your Union staged a protest in front of David’s Bridal retail store at Southcenter Mall in Tukwila. Why David’s Bridal?

David’s Bridal is owned by the Wall Street Investment Firm of CD&R.  CD&R also owns US Foods, an employer where many Teamster members work. 

Wall Street firms like CD&R specialize in buying companies, running them into the ground, and selling off the pieces.

That is what is happening at David’s Bridal where, according to financial analysts, their debt load is unstainable.  

IMG_0985.JPGIn Baltimore, 300 Teamsters are losing their jobs at US Foods because workers refused in negotiations to agree to a company proposal that would cut their wages and benefits in half. 

They took a stand against their employer and said a loud collective voice…NO!

The Baltimore Teamsters went on strike and have been extending their picket lines around the country, setting up intermittent lines that Teamsters 117 members will not cross. 

In May, Local 117 members at US Foods walked off the job when a picket line was set up for a two-day period at the company’s facility in Fife.

The intent of the demonstrations taking place at David’s Bridal stores is to draw attention to the business practices of CD&R that are hurting workers. 

This is not the last time we will be out there.  Stay tuned for opportunities to help.