New Business Rep Lance Asher (r) talks with Shawn Yee down at the UNFI warehouse in Auburn. 

We're excited to add a new Business Rep to the team. Lance Asher became a Teamster in 1998 when he went to work for Sysco in the food service industry.

Since then, Lance has gained experience in several Teamster shops, including United Natural Foods, Inc., where he became a Shop Steward in 2011.

As a Steward, Lance handled grievances, participated in contract negotiations, and urged his co-workers to speak up for their rights and enforce their contract.

In 2012, Lance led his co-workers on a nine-week Unfair Labor Practice strike at UNFI. The strike energized the group and resulted in a stronger contract and greater solidarity on the shop floor.

Together with another UNFI Steward, Lance worked with our International Union to organize UNFI workers in Atlanta.

Lance started at the Local as a Business Rep on September 1, 2016. “I want members in my jurisdiction to feel like they are supported and that they know their rights so they can enforce their contract,” he said.  

Lance will be representing members in several private sector jurisdictions.